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Alexis - or as I fondly call her, Ak is one of my bestest buds online. She's got such a beautiful heart and soul and I love talking to her. She's a great person, so funny and she talks in the most interesting way. I could read 1000 pages of whatever she's talking about. Even if it was about surgeons and cutting organs and stuff, she'd make it sound entertaining. She owns which is one of sexiest domain names! I co-own Amphisbena with her and I find it fun to stalk her.

Kim - is one of my favouritests, she's a bestest buddy of mine who is just so freaking awesome I can't even describe it cos it would never do her justice. She's a great friend, she's absolutely halarious and absolutely kind :) You'll never meet another girl like Kimmyface. She's such a hard worker and extremely intelligent. She did most of the work at the famous, Tigermik boards and is a moderator at Amphisbena because she's just so rad.

Rinara - is seriously one of the nicest people you could EVER meet. She has such a kind outlook in life and is one of those few people who sole heartedly believes in love, kindness, faith and everything good as well as exemplifies those beliefs in her every day life. She is a role model for everyone. She has such a strong faith in God and Jesus and will show kindness to everyone. She doesn't own any sites at the moment but is still working on the Rinoa shrine for and has her LJ.

Elle - and I have known each other for such a long time now, ever since I opened my Quina shrine about 5 or so years ago. She has owned so many gorgeous and precious domains since then, and now in her latest edition, she showcases her fine talent for all to see. She's also a moderator at Amphisbena and is one of my closest friends online.

Emi - has seriously got such fine talent and skill with her designs, as well as having such a kind personality. Her domain, has such great sites inside which will keep you entertained for hours.

Heather - was one of my first ever online idols. I first visiter her domain, and was in love. I wanted to be able to create things like her, and so forth I went. Charging around trying to be like her, with my own personal 'style' of course. Even though she's studying very hard over in England, she still showcases her talent with her domain,

Kaldea - is often MIA, but she's still greatly loved. She helps out with and is a lot of fun to be around. Her domain, is absolutely gorgeous!

Annika - is a darling friend of mine who used to chat to me all the time on Tigermilk She's seriously got great talent and her domain is really pretty!