Masamune - This is a shrine to Sephiroth of the Video game FFVII. It is one of my favourite shrines to my favourite character of FFVII.

My darling shrine to my favourite ever character of all time, Aragorn of Lord of the Rings. He's just so awesome. I really need to revamp this thing though :O

Higher Heaven - This is my Kaworu shrine dedicated to the mysterious character in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Haruka - Sailor Uranus was my favourite of all the Sailor Senshi, even though it's so hard to choose from them all, since they're all so lovable. Here is my dedication to such a brilliant and strong character.

Pirate - This started off more as an experimental site but grew to something that I really enjoyed playing with. It's dedicated to Jack Sparrow and all good hearted pirates alike. My main experimental site where I play with new designs, etc.

I absolutely adore .hack//sign, not only because of its storyline but it has a really special place in my heart because some one special bought the anime for me. Here is a shrine to the awesome Tsukasa

Ichigo - I think that Ichigo from Bleach is one of the coolest characters out of any anime/manga. part of

Crimpson Spirit is one of my eldest shrines to Regina of Dino Crisis.

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These following shrines are a part of the collective,

Final Heaven - Zell was the first character I really took notice of when I played the game for the first time. This is Gelly, Yana and my dedication to him.

Tilmitt - Selphie is the coolest character, she makes me happy whenever she comes on screen cos she's so happy and kind. Plus she wears my favourite colour! Created with love and Rinara

Eagle Eye - He's the cool cowboy that's the ladies man of the game. Boy is he hot! I want him all to myself ;)

Precious Sting - Quistis was such a kick ass character, she freaking carries a whip! How much cooler can a character get?!

Apocalypse - She's the biggest baddie of them all! Not including Sephiroth of course. Here's her own space on dedicated just for her.

Endless Reign - The beautiful sorceress was created by so many people, Sessy, Yana, Gelly, Tamsin and myself.

Posse - The very creatively titled shrine to Seifer's bestest buds, created with the biggest Seifer fan around, Tamsa.

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These following shrines are a part of the collective,

Aggrandizer - My shrine to Steiner, the lovable and clumsy Knight. I love him so much and this is one of my favourite shrines.

The Master Chef - This was one of my first EVER shrines back in 2000. It's been around a lot, and I'm glad it's still here. I love it so much!

Unforgotten - This shrine was created with a dearest friend of mine, SarahSnail. Dedicated to Freya, the sexiest dragoon ever to live!

La Fée Verte - Shrine to the cutest little summoner. Created with dearest

Imagination - I have no idea why I called it that many years ago, but it's stuck. It's a shrine to Marcus! The coolest Tantalus member... In my opinion :D