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· Intrepid - Ellene's shrine to Ten Ten of Naruto which is a part of the Ero-Sennin Files.
· Whisper - Laura's shrine to Fujin of the great Final Fantasy VIII.
· Deamiri - Robyn's fansite to Gundam Seed.

wip projects

These are listed in no particular order of creation. I create things in the spurr of the moment.

· Crystal Peach | hinamori, bleach with Linda
· Tribulation | naruto, naruto with Argilla
· misha | misha, pita ten with Hika
· eomer - guthwinŽ, eomer shrine lotr with Jess
· Harry Potter shrine of some sort.
· Stargate SG-1 webring - Completed
· Evangelion project
· Shrine webring
· Fixing Joinables
· Fix Vogue
· Spyro and Crash bandicoot site?
· Personal site with log
· Soldier | Hughes from FMA
· Fruits Basket something. Maybe general site
· Defiance | Kuja shrine for
· Fable | ancient greek stories

I will only host shrines or general sites now, from anime, manga.. whatever. If you know me, feel free to ask for hosting with whatever ~ I will be picky for sites. Final Fantasy VIII fanlistings are welcome on however.