Some of my affiliates that I keep in contact with, I haven't heard from in awhile, so I don't know what's going on, cos their site is down. If you contact me to let me know you're still alive, I'll put you back on the affiliate list instead of the 'past affiliates'.


These are my dear affiliates from the past, some many years ago and a lot just recently, because their site just died :( If it's still alive and there's something wrong with my internet, please email me and let me know cos I miss you!!

@ akin
Kaelea @
Nanako @ Tinkerbell
Teefa @ Teddybear
Bo @ translucent betrayal
Saria @

Note: because died, i combined most of my affiliates from that domain to this one. I'm not accepting any more, i simply have too many, but my other domain is accepting some. With the past affiliates, they've either closed down or I haven't talked to them in ages so I don't know if I'm still affiliated.